Jolanda van Cortenberghe

Jolanda van Cortenberghe (1970)

Jolanda van Cortenberghe sets her subjects down on paper with a candour that children quickly lose when they start school. Her work distinguishes itself from children’s drawings, however, because of the intensity with which it is made. She works for weeks, even months, on one drawing. Once the white of the paper has been covered in paint, Jolanda goes over that with oil pastels.


Because she intensively applies one colour after another with chalk, deeper nuances of colour arise. She then scratches the upper layer away with a scriber, so that the underlying layers are partially visible again. This leads to new colour combinations. The lines created with the scriber are an essential element in the picture. The regularity with which she applies the scriber lends the work rhythm and movement. The interplay of lines brings the shapes to life. Jolanda used to work in graphic techniques but her pieces weren’t picked up by the media, according to art historian Dolf Welling of the Rotterdams Dagblad. “Animal prints steal the show at Galerie Herenplaats. Jolanda Cortenberghe’s are irresistible. She writes on her linocut that it is frog or a swan; Her duck is egg yellow stroke-ability”.

Jolanda has been working at Atelier Juffrouw Jansen since 2015.


1992  Laurenskerk, Rotterdam
1993  Café Witte de With, Rotterdam
1993  Vaizon la Romaine, France
1999  Courthouse, Rotterdam
1999  The Universal Printshow, Gallery Project A, Glasgow, Scotland
1999  MAD-Attack, Musée d’Art Différencié, Belgium
2002  International exhibition “Simple Things”, Riga, Latvia
2002  Landscapes, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2003  The Universal Print show, Project Ability, Glasgow, Scotland
2003  Zhaka Zulu, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2006  Jubileum exhibition “15 years Herenplaats”, Galerie Herenplaats Rotterdam
2008  Exhibition in Niki Kurabu, Tokyo, Japan
2009  Exhibition in Care Center Frankeland, Schiedam
2010  “Outsider Art Salon”, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2011  Exhibition ‘Care Center Crimpenersteyn’, Krimpen a/d IJssel
2014  Graphics exhibition, Atelier 23, Linden, Germany


Collectie Max E. Ammann, Zwitserland



2002 “Simple Things”, Riga, Letland