About Herenplaats

The NGO Herenplaats is a whirlwind of activities centred on visual arts, comprising of the studios, the gallery, exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad, the art library and (educational) art projects.

Herenplaats has studio space for artists with an intellectual disability and provides support with the financial and commercial aspects of the profession. Some of the artists have been with Herenplaats since it founding in 1991. Familiar names are: Hein Dingemans (exhibition in museum Boijmans van Beuningen, 2001), Jaco Kranendonk (permanent exhibition in museum Charlotte Zander in Germany and permanent collection Stadshof), Laan Irodjojo (wall painting commissioned by CBK Rotterdam) and Paulus de Groot (permanent collection of M.A.D museum in Luik and outsider Art Museum, Baltimore U.S.A.). The artists often operate outside their studio, not only in exhibitions, but also in lectures, presentations and workshops. Furthermore they work on commissions by both private and corporate clients.

Our gallery, reopened in January 2006 after major refurbishment work, is situated in the cultural heart of Rotterdam. Here we have been presenting for longer than ten years accessible art to the general public, specialising in Outsider Art. Each exhibition combines one or more artists of the Herenplaats with contemporary artists from the Netherlands and other countries. We also regularly publish books, catalogues and articles about Outsider Art and related subjects.

Herenplaats organises and participates in various projects. From lectures and symposiums to educational programs and workshops. Many of these projects are in collaboration with other organisations from Rotterdam, the rest of the country or abroad.

Art library
Herenplaats has its own art library with more than hundred private and corporate members. Hundreds of paintings and drawings of Herenplaats artists thus find their way to homes and offices in the Rijnmond area. The main goal is to let the artwork reach as many homes and offices as possible. The modest memberships fees help insure that the art is accessible to a wide public.

Art academy
Persons with an intellectual disability are not admitted to the regular art academies. Herenplaats has therefore developed an adapted art training for these persons. Supervising the lesson program are professional artists and art teachers. The length and tempo of the training are is set in accordance to each student’s abilities. After a successful training one can join the artists collective of the Herenplaats.

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Photo: Raymond de Vries


Send us an e-mail at atelier@herenplaats.nl , call us at +31-88-2716505 or drop by!

From Monday till Friday 1-5 PM at Schietbaanstraat 1-15, 3014ZT Rotterdam



Friend of Herenplaats

Support your local artists!

‘Friends from Herenplaats’ is a group of people who love and support Herenplaats, since 2001. This foundation is being managed by volunteers.

If you want to join our club of Herenplaats friends, send an e-mail to shy@rosh.nl for more information.

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Heroes of Herenplaats

Currently we’re being supported by our fantastic volunteers: Jacques (administration), Hans (photographer), Joey (framing artworks), Shy & Rino (friends from Herenplaats), Joke (artist support), Margreet (archive), John (administration), Irenka (digital design), Norman (animation), Margje (graphics).

Without these people Herenplaats wouldn’t run as smoothly, we’re very grateful!

If you want to help us voluntarely, send us a message:

Volunteers: richard.bennaars@pameijer.nl
Interns: mandy.struik@pameijer.nl

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Remco Roggeveen zal je in ieder geval enthousiast ontvangen.

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