Now to be seen in Herenplaats

Opening: 15-11-2023 5:00

From 17-11-2023 To 13-01-2024

“I draw and paint by the power I have received from God” Says Johanneke.

Johanneke van Nus draws and paints as if inspired by God. Like Johanneke, there are many other artists dealing with the theme of religion and what it means to them. Where one depicts the house of God, another draws the entire Stations of the Cross.

From time immemorial, art and religion have been in a complex and multifaceted relationship with each other. Art influences religion and religion influences art. In the past, but also today. They are attempts to express the divine, through the depiction of religious stories and characters.

Religion means something different to everyone, and the exhibition “Holy Houses” exhibits a number of personal depictions of this.


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Exhibition Archive

The Cuban Connection

Following an international exhibition at the Outsider Art Museum in Amsterdam, Samuel Riera decided to contact Galerie Atelier Herenplaats in 2018. It is at that moment that a fruitful collaboration between Galerie Atelier Herenplaats and Riera Studio arises. Both inspired by artists with an authentic expressiveness, and with a common vision of art outside the […]

Opening: 09-06-2023 5:00

From 09-06-2023 To 09-09-2023

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in Helvetica

A hundred years ago, Adolf Wölfli created his impressive oeuvre in the psychiatric clinic of Waldau in Bern. Currently, 40 artists with the same artistic spirit work in the nearby Kunstwerkstatt Waldau. Five artists from this group have been selected for the exhibition ‘in Helvetica’. This exhibition forms an exchange between Galerie Atelier Herenplaats and […]

Opening: 06-04-2023 5:00

From 06-04-2023 To 27-05-2023

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Memories of Tomorrow

Eight artist each exhhibiting one work at this exhibition, belong to Galerie Atelier Herenplaats from day one.  Just like Frits Gronert, whose retirement as artistic mentor is celebrated with this exhibition. His 30 year long effort for the organisation has made the artists develop and grow succesfully. Meanwhile some of them are internationally known and […]

Opening: 20-11-2020 5:00

From 20-11-2020 To 30-01-2021

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Verschillende kunstenaars laten hun bijzondere visie over het naakte lichaam zien, al dan niet erotisch of sensueel weergegeven, maar soms ook gewoon bloot of pornografisch met een knipoog. Een sensuele tentoonstelling in diverse media, zoals grafiek, tekeningen, schilderijen, collages en ruimtelijk werk. De officiële opening wordt verricht door Hans Andringa, kunstenaars en voormalig hoofddocent grafiek […]

From 13-12-2019 To 22-02-2020

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Seven international outsider artists share their dwelling memory on the cityscapes of Madrid, Glasgow, The Hague, London and Rotterdam. The cityscapes are completely abstracted from their original form, yet being brought as alive as the city itself through the interpretation of the artists. The participating artists are Jorge Bermejo (SP), Andrés Fernándes (SP), Ángel Sastre […]

From 03-05-2019 To 23-08-2019

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Discover, flying, grounding

From 26th of january till 30th of march we exhibit works from Grietje Killian, Kay Hessels and Markus Meurer.

Opening: 26-01-2018 12:00

From 26-01-2018 To 30-03-2018

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