Edward Teeuw

Edward Teeuw (1969)

Inspired by drawing comics as a child, Edward developed a serious passion for painting at the age of 18. Only having one book about Dali and one about Edward Munch as sources of inspiration, he started to experiment with acrylics. “A whole new world opened up to me. I wasn’t obstructed by what other artists already made, because I had no clue about the history of different trends within art. I only had two books about art in my cupboard, everything was new to me”.

This “free period”, ended when Edward collapsed and lacked the energy to paint. For a while he didn’t get anything done.
Thanks to a good friend of his, who took him to the studio, he came in touch with painting again and he regained the strength to go on.

In the meantime Edward developed his own style. For long periods he worked at one theme and he developed his ideas by experimenting ferociously on this one theme.
The starting blocks of his career as an artist; the comics books and a book with Dali’s and Edward Munches work, is still noticeable in his present style. Here and there one can see that he is inspired by Picasso.

Faces in cubistic style, with a strong link to African art, play a big role in his work. Faces in trees, faces that jump out of telephones and shout in somebody’s ear in Arabic, all this surrealistic madness appears in his work.



2004  Exhibition Gallery Buytenweg, Rotterdam

2005  Exhibition Riagg Mathernesserlaan, Rotterdam

2008 Artwork included in the Herenplaats collection

2010  Art-siders,Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam

2010  Outsider Art Salon”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam

2011  Outsider Art Expositie, Wijk bij Duurstede

2012  Exhibition Esmare Kunstkabinet, Capelle a/d IJssel

2012  “Who am I”, Galerie du haut Pavé, Parijs, France

2013   Gaia Museum, Denemarken

2018 Charlois Speciaal, Rotterdam

2018 “Zomergasten” – Dr. Guislain Museum, Gent (Belgium)

2018 Outsider Art Fair, Parijs (France)

2019 Solo Edward Teeuw, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam

2019 “Gewächse der Seelen”, Alte Turnhalle, Germany

2019 Vout-O-Reenee’s, London
2019  Galerie Chez Freddy, Haarlem



Max E. Ammann Collection, Switzerland


Work experience

2006 to 2007    Sint Antonius painting course; helping people to draw and paint

2006  until now  Punt 5: Assisting children with printing techniques.

2007  Gallery Herenplaats