Florian Baltus

Florian Baltus (1990)

Florian’s work is always based on a feeling which he transforms into an image. He manages to organise his emotions through giving them a place on paper or cloth. His artwork changes consistantly with his own emotional state, which makes his passion for painting very intense.

Florian’s work is related to the graffiti art, but he has clearly developed his own style. Airbrush, acrylic and markers all allow him to express how he interprets the world.


2009  Coffeeshop“Spiegelbeeld”
2011  Museumnight Rotterdam, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2011  Bootleg DJ Cafe, Rotterdam
2012  Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2012  Museumnight Rotterdam, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2012  Bootleg DJ Cafe, Rotterdam