Grietje Killian

Grietje Killian (1969)

Grietje experiences the world in a very special way. A wander through a museum, shopping in the city, meeting a stranger: all these impressions are unconsiously worked into her visual pieces. Her way of working is impulsive; she doesn’t restrict herself to one particular medium. All the materials and techniques that she decides to use, she mixes up together. They are collages where houses with roofs go with large manga ears and fragments from old work are combined with new drawings.

In the meantime, she is slowly working on her oeuvre. ‘Developing your own approach takes time.’ she says. ‘It grows slowly, my style is important and in combinationwith coincidental ideas, a new visual language comes into being every time.’ She has never been so productive before because of her work at Herenplaats. She surpises herself every day with what comes from her hand. ‘My life begins when my comfort zone ends.’


2016 Galerie Beeldend Gesproken, Amsterdam

2018 ‘Zomergasten’ – Dr. Guislain Museum, Gent (Belgium)

2018 Werkweek in Bomal, Belgium

2018 Project ‘Geef me de ruimte’

2018 ‘Ontdekken, Vliegen, Landen’, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam

2019 ‘Artavaganza’, exhibition at Chez Freddy, Haarlem