Reginald Drooduin

Reginald Drooduin (1956)

Reginald Drooduin often makes small, clear landscapes. Finely painted, colourful and with figures and rare animals that he has imagined. Drooduin draws animals, people and nature that are reminiscent of the tropical landscapes of his mother country, Surinam, and he brings them together in harmonious unity. Not all of the landscapes look like paradise, however. Danger can lurk in those beautiful panoramas. Characteristic for his style are the three horizontal surfaces with alternating images. ‘It’s about art and feeling.’ said Drooduin about his work in an interview (Out of Art, May 2015). It is his inner world that he paints and where we as viewers may enter.


Max E. Ammann Collection, Switzerland


2019 Ceiling plates for the project ‘Sustainability’, housing cooperationWoonstad, Rotterdam