Exhibition ‘Geen woorden maar beelden’ in Galerie Mozaiek in Zuidlaren

From December 15 to May 31, 2021, the exhibition ‘Geen woorden maar beelden’ can be seen in Gallery Mozaiek in Zuidlaren. The exhibition ‘Outsider Art’, which was on display in Beelden in Gees , has traveled to a residential care center near Assen with a gallery. For the time being, the gallery is closed to visitors from outside, but can be visited by the residents of the center. You can also view the works online. Of course we hope that museums and galleries can be opened to the public again soon. We will keep you informed.

Works by Herenplaats artists Sharon van Dams, Reginald Drooduin, Livia Dencher, Paulus de Groot, Edward Teeuw, Carlos Mosquera, Grietje Killian, Antoine Monod de Froideville, Johanneke van Nus, Ben Augustus, Laan Irodjojo, Jeroen Pomp, Brenda van Vliet, Mies van der Perk and Minke de Fonkert are on display.
The ceramic sculptures in the exhibition come from studio De Wijde Doelen (Utrecht) and Sherpa (Baarn).