Exhibition ‘Public Works’ in Rotterdam

14 Herenplaats artists have been selected for the outdoor exhibition ‘Publieke Werken‘!!! Work by Antoine Monod de Froideville, Brenda van Vliet, Coen Ringeling, Edward Teeuw, Grietje Killian, Jacqueline Loeve, Jeroen Pomp, Laan Irodjojo, Livia Dencher, Maarten Wendrich, Mies van der Perk, Minke de Fonkert, Remco Roggeveen and Wendell Kerwhen and and 400 other artists has been printed on posters and fills the public space of Rotterdam streets from July 9 to August 9, 2020. The initiators felt that the city could be filled differently than with images and advertising of events that are not organized in these times. can go. A call to artists to come up with images that express the zeitgeist results in a city full of works of art, printed on huge posters. The opening is on Thursday 9 July at 8 pm throughout the city. Many artists will stand by their poster and open the exhibition in this way. The artist has received posters that are offered for sale in the shop of Galerie Herenplaats.