Welcome to Galerie Atelier Herenplaats

Welcome to our new website! Since 1991, Herenplaats has been the Rotterdam center for artists with a special story. Every day, about 35 artists visit the studio on Schietbaanstraat in the center of Rotterdam.

People with visual talent and an intellectual disability or psychiatric background are not or hardly admitted to the regular art academy. Herenplaats has developed an adapted art training for them. The lessons are given by visual artists and visual arts teachers. Once the academy has been successfully completed, people move on to the artists’ collective.

Atelier Herenplaats was founded in 1991 and in 2018 offers space to 30 full-time artists and another 15 are in pool who visit the studio a few days a week. A number of these 45 artists have been working in the studio since the start.

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