Nlunga Nijanda

My name is Nlunga Nijanda (lunga). Perhaps I am a strange bee among all the artists at Herenplaats, as I don’t consider myself an artist.

I studied graphics at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and at The Media College. My disability makes it difficult to find a regular job. after years of sitting at home doing freelance work, I started doing voluntary work. That’s how I came to Herenplaats. As a volunteer, I taught some artists how to make things on the computer. I liked that so much that I stayed and now also do my own work and projects.

I am a graduate DTP (Desktop Publishing) and have certificates for graphic design. So I do work on the computer, using Adobe graphics programmes. With these, I create promotional material, think of logos, flyers, posters, etc. I also do a lot of photo editing. Besides my own work and making promotional material for Herenplaats, I am also looking for assignments from outside. So if you still need something in that vein, you can now also come to Herenplaats.