Otte Jacob

Otte Jacob (1966)

Otte Jacob had drawing lessons as a child from his father  in his studio. This still influences the way he works. He was given small assignements that he could build upon. By observing lines,other lines follow up while working. Otte himself explains: “You can learn how to observe, by drawing you learn to see more. That is what I was taught in my fathers studio and my fascination for art started here . Everything I see could be the beginning of a drawing.” His first enthusiasm for images originated in the sculpting studio of his father .

Otte is working at Herenplaats since 2019. Observing shapes and connecting with materials makes him tranquil. Observing and drawing are helping him to feel when he connects with other  people. He communnicates with the world and the people around him by making images. Noticing and observing the world is an inspirational source.

Regular visits of museums and galleries are an important part of his working rythm. Otte is mostly inspired by the Zero and CoBrA movements. Working at Atelier Herenplaats and interacting with his colleagues stimulate him to develop his own handwriting.

For Otte the basic technique he uses is drawing, but he doesn’t limit himself to drawing materials. He colours his works by using acrylics and watercolours, but calls himself a drawer. He also makes ceramics; his contribution to the exhibition ‘Bloosdoos’ were sculptures of cat-women shapes. Otte enjoys doing projects with other artists, also from other art disciplines.

Text: Žaklina Lečnik


2019 Exhibition ‘Bloosdoos’, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam

2020 Solo exhibition ‘Houd Vol’ (‘Keep up’),carpenter studio Meneer van Houten, Rotterdam

2020 Exhibition ‘ Houd Afstand’ (‘Keep your distance’), Art Bar, Rotterdam

2020 Cooperation with dancer Thomas Körtvélyessy for performances on the R.Rijnhoutplein, Rotterdam