Sharon van Dams

Sharon van Dams (1998)

Sharon comes across very quietly and timidly, talks softly and rarely, but when she takes crayons in her hands she shows an exceptional power. Portraits of young women who look at you with a piercing look, they are alienating portraits.

Sharon’s grandmother also drew a lot and when she was visiting her grandmother she also got pencils in her hands and started drawing, many manga-like figures. Later at school at Auris College, a school where students are able to express themselves through language, she stood out because of het drawing talent, and got a place in the Talent class of this school where she was stimulated for years by the visual artist Louise Hessel.

In February 2017 Sharon gets a place at Atelier Herenplaats where she can develop her skills as an artist four days a week. Here she works steadily on her oeuvre, colored pencil drawings that have been worked out in detail. She draws girls and women, men do not appear in her work. The very precise way of displaying the hair and skin is very special. Some girls get a horrible expression by drawing the eyes a little skewier than normal, the alienation turns them into horror-like drawings.

Text: Frits Gronert


2017 “Big-I-Project” Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Japan

2017 Pop Up Museum, Rotterdam

2018 Reizende tentoonstelling door Japan, The Nippon Foundation – Diversity in the Arts, Japan