Wouter Valentijn

Wouter’s first contact with Herenplaats was in 2002, through an internship organized by activity centre ‘De Rotonde’ in Gouda. He liked the work very much, but did not feel at home with the colleagues. Wouter had been seriously injured in an accident at a younger age and has been using a wheelchair ever since. After that period with the Herenplaats he chose for the activity centre ‘De Nieuwe Schalm’ which specializes in activities for persons with a physical disability.

However, in the summer of 2003 Wouter applied for a second trial at Herenplaats, since he decided to become a serious artist. He now works as a permanent member of our artists collective. Wouter works both on model drawings, which he does once a week at the SKVR, and on his autonomous work. He often uses his model drawings as basis for his autonomous work. He keeps his cherished drawings, in which he’d captured a nude body, in his drawer at Herenplaats. These female nudes reappear in many of the paintings he makes here.
Wouter also works with collage, copying images from magazines and gluing parts of them on paper. He then colours them with various media. He is still experimenting in order to find his own style and signature and in the process allows himself as much freedom as possible. This process is a fundamental part of his work.

The longing for a beautiful sexy woman occupies his daily life and is also obvious in his work. This also shows in his tactile and warm colour palette of reds, pinks and ochres. Wouter’s themes revolve around love, heartache, death and eroticism.
he takes a course in model drawing. The drawings often form the basis for his work at the atelier. Wouter sometimes paints the nudes he’s drawn on canvas. His boundless sense of humour is evident in his combination of paper cutouts added to the painting, creating a quirky combination.

These paintings, sometimes bluntly erotic, are a testimony to Wouter’s struggle with his handicap and loneliness and his search for a way to express his emotions.


2004  “Keuze uit eigen kunst”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2004  “Cash & Carry”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2006  Jubilee exhibition “15 years Herenplaats”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2007  “Helden van Herenplaats”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2007  “Who Am I # 3”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2008  “Religie, kom en zie”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2009  “Kiss and fly – The art of sex, love and eroticism” GAIA museum, Randers, Denmark
2010  Villa Zebra – Exhibition about architecture, Rotterdam
2010  “Outsider Art Salon”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2011  Outsider Art Exhibition, Wijk bij Duurstede
2011  Kunstroute, Hoek van Holland
2011  “Who Am I # 5” graphic exhibition, Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam
2012  “Who am I”, Galerie du haut Pavé, Parijs, France
2013  “Face to Face”, Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam

Collage order Studio Lonne Wennekendonk


1st price design competition Healthy food Pameijer
2010  “Don Valentino does politics”, Film by Wouter