Exhibition ‘After Van Genk’ with Jaco Kranendonk in Amsterdam

Many fascinations of the Netherlands’ most famous outsider artist Willem van Genk are shared by other outsider artists. Transport by land, sea or air and the busy city life, depicted in drawings, paintings and objects, are the subject of this exhibition.
Van Genk’s iconic trolleybuses inspired a number of outsider artists to create their own version during a series of workshops organized earlier this year by Outsider Art Ateliers, Ateliers de Wijde Doelen and Kunstwerkplaats Kijkoor.

Herenplaats artist Jaco Kranendonk, with his fascination for bus, tram and train, participates in this exhibition in the Ousider Art Galerie in The Hermitage in Amsterdam.

Other participating artists include Lionel Plak, Georgina Ruhl, Ron Oosterbroek, Bob van Buuren, Jefke Dijkstra, Hans Ploos van Amstel.

The exhibition will run from December 12, 2019 to February 16, 2020.