New exhibition: opening June 29, 2018

Dear readers,

On Friday 29 June we have the honor to open a new exhibition, KEIHARDE ART. With one Herenplaats artist, Hein Dingemans, and one external artist, but a long-time friend of Herenplaats and Outsider Art connoisseur: Pieter Zandvliet. The two artists have a love for each other’s work, they understand each other.

Pieter Zandvliet (1969, Leiden) With a broad interest in the history of man, country and culture, he creates his own worlds on canvas. Sometimes the artist immerses himself in a particular person, but usually he combines various interests and brings them together into a pure Zandvliet, full of color contrasts, shapes that seem logical but rarely are.


Hein Dingemans (1962). Hein is fascinated by primitive peoples: Tutsis from Rwanda, Sudanese Negroes from Southern Nigeria, Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands and especially Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia. His figures are very strong and look like this: in impressive bodybuilding poses they proudly show their excessive muscle bundles over which the swollen veins run finger-thick.

Hein Dingemans has been working at Herenplaats since 1996. He has exhibited at home and abroad, and lives in Schiedam.