Rijnhoutplein festival Saturday 5 September 2020

Saturday September 5, 1-5 pm:


On Saturday, September 5, the companies and organizations around Rijnhoutplein in the Oude West will organize the Rijnhoutplein Festival to celebrate that we are all open again and we can meet again, even if it is 1.5 m away. The program is completely packed with the talents and qualities that can be found on and around the square. Both for businesses and for residents. There will be live music from the Rotterdam-Cape Verde music group Nando Silva and Suzy Almada & friends, DJs Adison Fernando/Caboverdevinyl and Cengiz Munğuç on equipment from Vinylspot, and singer-songwriter Mareike Ziegler, a fashion show from Dress for Success, presentation of unique co-production bags from Galerie Herenplaats and Invalid Atelier, performances by Gallery Joey Ramone and Contour Gallery, workshops making face masks by Printroom and Invalid Atelier, workshop square design by OMI Rotterdam, an exceptional Rotterdam collection in the Leeszaal, an exchange market and trampoline for the children of the Vooruit foundation in society and excursions to the galleries, hairdresser and other places around the square. We start with a talk (with photos) from local resident Rob Boelhouwers, who lived as a child in the Gouvernestraat near Rigardus Rijnhout (the ‘Giant of Rotterdam’).

Dress for Success, Invalid Atelier, OMI Rotterdam, Printroom, Galerie Atelier Herenplaats, music shop Vinylspot, hair salon BSUR Hair, Stichting Vooruit in de Samenleving, Galerie Frank Taal, Gallery Joey Ramone, Contour Gallery, Studio Kling and Leeszaal Rotterdam West.


Photo: Galerie Herenplaats made a full-size, contemporary image of the Giant of Rotterdam, or Rigardus Rijnhout