Seasons: an artful portrait of you!

Herenplaats artists Nlunga Nijanda, Mariska van der Ent and photographer Roland van Eck are currently working together on a special project: ‘Seasons’ – three artists make a unique photo portrait of you!

Nlunga Nijanda is the creator of this project. Since 2020 he has been working in the studio’s digital workshop. He makes his own (digital) art and often collaborates with other artists. Nlunga has a graphic background (including Graphic Lyceum). Nlunga taught photo editing to Mariska, she is very involved and works hard on the Seasons photos. She also develops her own style in photo editing.
Roland van Eck already worked as an independent photographer and now, since the collaboration on the Seasons project, also with our Herenplaats artist collective.

In a special photo shoot at Galerie Atelier Herenplaats, you or your family will be photographed by Roland van Eck. You can decide for yourself which character your portrait will have: which season appeals to you the most, what type are you? Nlunga Nijanda and Mariska van der Endt edit the photo montages with great feeling and turn them into unique portraits. The portraits are a beautiful gift for special occasions or for on your own wall!

You can determine the size and material on which your portrait is printed. From €35,- you have a unique portrait in A3 format.

The photo shoots take place in the gallery, after 3 p.m. on weekdays or on Saturdays. Call Herenplaats (088 2716505 ask for Vincent Haenen) or email us ( for more information or to make an appointment for a photo shoot!