Exhibition: Heilige Huisjes

Opening: 15-11-2023 5:00

From 17-11-2023 To 13-01-2024

“I draw and paint by the power I have received from God” Says Johanneke.

Johanneke van Nus draws and paints as if inspired by God. Like Johanneke, there are many other artists dealing with the theme of religion and what it means to them. Where one depicts the house of God, another draws the entire Stations of the Cross.

From time immemorial, art and religion have been in a complex and multifaceted relationship with each other. Art influences religion and religion influences art. In the past, but also today. They are attempts to express the divine, through the depiction of religious stories and characters.

Religion means something different to everyone, and the exhibition “Holy Houses” exhibits a number of personal depictions of this.