Exhibition: in Helvetica

Opening: 06-04-2023 5:00

From 06-04-2023 To 27-05-2023

A hundred years ago, Adolf Wölfli created his impressive oeuvre in the psychiatric clinic of Waldau in Bern. Currently, 40 artists with the same artistic spirit work in the nearby Kunstwerkstatt Waldau. Five artists from this group have been selected for the exhibition ‘in Helvetica’. This exhibition forms an exchange between Galerie Atelier Herenplaats and Kunstwerkstatt Waldau. It shows a relationship that connects them both on an artistic and social level.

In addition to ‘in Helvetica’, there will be a simultaneous exhibition in Bern with artists from Galerie Atelier Herenplaats. The exhibition in Rotterdam will be enriched in recent weeks with photos from this simultaneous exhibition in Switzerland.

‘in Helvetica’ shows work by artists Sieuw Wai Chong, Martin Flückiger, Elmar Hempel, Madeleine Mollet, Jonas Scheidegger, Dorota Solarska, Edward Teeuw and Wouter Valentijn.