Grietje Killian wins the Japanese ‘Overseas Works Award’

>Three works by Grietje Killian have been selected for the Japanese project ‘Nippon Foundation – Diversity in the Arts‘. This is an annual event in Japan in which work by ‘outsider artists’ is central. An international selection takes place and a touring exhibition through Japan follows. Works by Sharon van Dams and Mies van der Perk had already been selected for the exhibition in previous years.
This year, Grietje’s work passed the selection and she even won the ‘Overseas Works Award’! The exhibition is currently postponed due to. Covid-19, but Grietje’s work is included in a beautiful catalogue. Here’s what the Nippon Foundation writes about the artworks:
‘If you stare at it for a long time, you feel as if you are lost in a dream. The work is small in size, but has a big image. It draws the viewer into a never-before-seen world where familiar phenomena are broken down and connected to other things. Despite it being a mysterious, labyrinthine, dream-like world, the work conveys the artist’s thoughts and everyday life.’