Mural #2 in Rotterdam

Maison Savant has the mission to bring Outsider Art to the attention of a large audience. They do this, among other things, by building an open-air street art exhibition. The idea is to show Outsider Art outside the 4 usual walls of a museum or gallery and to introduce a wide audience to these special artists and their works.

The idea is to take a drawing or painting as a starting point for a mural. They look at what fits best for each project/location. The execution is done by an experienced street artist/painter, because the outsider is often not familiar with the medium and size of the canvas.

In March 2018, a new wall was completed at the busiest shopping location in Rotterdam: the Lijnbaan. A drawing by Edward Teeuw was chosen as the starting point for this mural. Marijn Gronert took care of the application on the wall. The Municipality of Rotterdam financed the wall.

To make more walls possible, Maison Savant is selling prints of this mural. This way you can continue to enjoy your work at home. More info and webshop here.

Outsider Street Art muur nummer 2 - Marijn Gronert - Edward Teeuw - Maison Savant