Exhibition: Memories of Tomorrow

Opening: 20-11-2020 5:00

From 20-11-2020 To 30-01-2021

Eight artist each exhhibiting one work at this exhibition, belong to Galerie Atelier Herenplaats from day one.  Just like Frits Gronert, whose retirement as artistic mentor is celebrated with this exhibition. His 30 year long effort for the organisation has made the artists develop and grow succesfully. Meanwhile some of them are internationally known and their work is part of private and museum collections.

When Frits started his work in 1991, he didn’t know Outsider Art existed as a category. His effort was driven by pure passion for the art made by his clients. Slowly he discovered their place in the existing world of art and their value as outsiders. He was able to powerfully promote their unruly, and headstrong work. Herenplaats became synonymous with quality.

Honouring Frits, Herenplaats is remembering the early days, looking ahead at the same time . Promising  contemporary artists are also contributing and giving depth to this part of history. Outsider Art has entered the stronghold of established art and the boundaries between in- and outside are fading. A path has been made and there is still a path to go.

Of the first eight artists who started in 1991 (and of whom four are still living) work will be exhibited: Jaco Kranendonk, John Kegreisz, Monique Bouman, Hans Hartman, Louise Guardia, Minke de Fonkert, Belinda Tijssen and Jolanda van Cortenberghe.
Furthermore there will be a selection of  guests whose works were exhibited at Herenplaats in its first eight years : Yvon Koopman, Zweitse and Charlotte Landsheer, Henrik Pättske (S), Rob Morre, Derek Wessels, Ruth van der Neut, Piet Schopping, Evert Panis, Serge Delauney (B), Ognjen Jeremić, Phil D Smith (USA), Yvonne Beelen, Joke Legerstee, Margriet Snaterse, Jack Vreeke, Cameron Morgan (UK), Tommy Mason (UK).

The opening is Friday November 20, with three timeslots at  17.00, 18.00 and 19.00 h. You are very welcome to join us on Friday! A reservation can be made  by mail atelier@herenplaats.nl or phone 010 – 2141108.

The finissage will be on January 30 2021, which will also be a celebration of Frits’ retirement.